Coetivy AF-119NEW

45_bigCoetivy Island is a small coral island 300km (185 mi) south of Mahe, capital of the Seychelles.

It comprises the Southern Coral Group and therefore belongs to the Outer Islands of the Seychelles.

Coetivy Island AF-119 was announced as a NEW IOTA in July 2014, during the 50th Anniversary IOTA Convention in Windsor, England.

The island was well known for its prawn farm in the early 1990’s; however it was closed several years later. Today, the main production activities include farming, livestock, charcoal production, salted fish production and coconut processing.

The island is also being used for a rehabilitation program by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for first time drug offenders and low security prisoners.

Last year it was not possible to obtain a permit and visit Coetivy. Through dialogue and showcasing amateur radio we have now managed to do so.